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About Me

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All I ever wanted was to be a cowboy...

I spent my youth working cattle ranches around southern New Mexico, and then another 17 years managing quarter horse ranches in Arizona, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Over the entire span of time, I supplemented my income shoeing horses as a certified journeyman farrier. I went back to college and earned a master's degree, then went off to law school. I spent 18 years trying to keep New Mexico ranchers in business.

Sadly, the western lifestyle is slowly dying away. I wanted to preserve it the best I knew how, so I chose the written word as my medium to do so.

 I write about outlaws and law men, cowboys, horses, and cattle. Riding the range and  overcoming obstacles without complaining. I write about accepting responsibility for one’s actions and being honest in all dealings.

Writing lets me escape to the old west whenever the mood strikes me. I write about places in New Mexico in all of my books, not just because I was born and raised there, but it truly is the Land of Enchantment.


I live in Silver City, New Mexico now, with my wife, Ruthie. She is my inspiration, the love of my life, and my best friend.

  I hope you enjoy my books ... they are  written by a man who is, and will always be, a cowboy at heart.

My name is R.Dalton Seawolf - my friends call me Roy.

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